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From Sean Bell to Paul McCartney the law is frequently in the forefront of society. My law practice is no exception. Below are a few of my clients that have been featured in the news.

Paul Hale said, “Law enforcement needs to understand, just because you have a badge and a gun doesn’t mean you can make the rules up as you go along.”

IVAN CASH (Artist)

Ivan Cash

Mr. Cash is a young college student who was arrested for allegedly selling T-Shirts in front of Madison Square Garden without a license. The T-Shirts stated “Don’t hate the player, or the game. Hate the coach.” Also keep in mind this was during the height of Isaiah Thomas’s disastrous coaching of the Knicks. Mr. Cash’s case was dismissed and further litigation is pending.

ELLIS G. (Graffitti artist)

Ellis G.

Ellis was taken into custody for using sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk. Yes, that’s correct, Ellis was arrested for making graffiti while using sidewalk chalk. His criminal case was dismissed. Read about it in the Village Voice article. His case has since been settled with the City of New York for an undisclosed amount.

KYLE PETERSON (Unicyclist)

Kyle Peterson

The Brooklyn Cyclones’ juggling unicycle-riding vendor Kyle Peterson is suing the NYPD for $3 million after cops ticketed him twice for riding his one-wheeled wonder on a Classon Avenue sidewalk — even though it’s legal to do because the law doesn’t consider the unicycle a bicycle.

But the precedent-setting uni-lawsuit — which Peterson’s attorney filed on Nov. 15 — isn’t about the money, revenge or even Peterson himself. It’s about ending unnecessary summonses against unicyclists forever.

False Arrest

A New York City man claims cops prevented him from being all he could be — by slapping him with a bogus trespassing charge that caught the eye of an Army recruiter.

False Arrest

Two Brooklyn court officers must face a lawsuit brought by a man who claimed he was falsely arrested for speaking on his phone while waiting to go through courthouse security, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

Body Snatchers

Body Snatchers

“There’s a reason Brooklyn North Narcotics are called the ‘Body Snatchers,’ ” said civil rights lawyer Paul Hale, whose client recently won a $75,000 settlement, saying he was twice wrongfully arrested by Sbarra’s team. “They don’t care if you’re innocent or guilty. They just want to make arrests at any cost.”

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